TYPES OF FILES – Microsoft

TYPES OF FILES – Microsoft


Files of type: .cbr .cbz: These are generally comic books in an archive format. This means that one .cbr or .cbz is a collection of jpeg, gathered in a .rar or .zip archive. This archive is then renamed .cbr/.cbz so you can associate that file type with your reader of comics. If you find a corrupted archive, you can rename the original type or try to fix the error or unzip the archive to see where the error is allocated.

Files of type: .txt .doc: These are basic text files. First, .txt, it can be opened with Notepad / WordPad or any other text editor you have on hand. Document files (.doc) are generally open in Microsoft  Word, but are open-source alternatives such as OpenOffice and NeoOffice from Microsoft .

Files of type: .nfo: NFO (or info) contain information about the file that you just downloaded. They are always included scenes releases and is highly recommended reading them. Windows will try to tell you that they are System Files, but they are not System Files but rather, simple text files, usually with ASCII technique. You can open them with Notepad, Wordpad, DAMN NFO Viewer, UltraEdit or any text editor that will be handy.

Files of type: .ra .rm .ram: These are RealPlayer files from Microsoft . In all seriousness, it is recommended to avoid these files at any price. The official RealPlayer installs a significant number of security vulnerabilities on your system and never really goes away when you want to uninstall. But if you insist, there are alternatives unincorporated such as Real Alternative, which would solve the problem.

Files of type: VCD / SVCD: Basically the vcd format was designed to be able to play on home DVD players, and not on the computer screen. They are generally 1-2 rips CDs that are designed to be burnt directly to CD. However, they are not playable on all DVD players them, check to see if yours is compatible before going through all the problems. Unless you have a DVD player compatible, they are still viewable on your computer using VLC Media Player, but overall the quality is mediocre. You can also use another application, called VCDGear to extract this mpeg contents of a SVCD or VCD like image file such as bin / cue.

Files of type: mp3/mp2: These are music files. Run it with Windows Media Player, WinAmp, iTunes, Foobar, any player that supports these file extensions.

Files of type: .ogm .ogg: Ogg Vorbis media files are another media music file format, but unlike MP3, is a form of compression without patent. You will probably want to download for free the DirectShow Ogg filter to replay again OGM files, but most modern media player ages should be able to handle them. .ogm format is like a shell containing various pieces together. For example may .avi video file and two audio files .ogg together to make a film in which you can switch languages (they can also incorporate subtitle files). One of the best players to .ogm files is BSplayer supports all the features it contains a file .ogm.

Files of type: .iso: An .iso is another type of media file that follows similar rule as .bin and .cue, only you extract or create them using PowerISO or Nero. Microsoft sometimes to convert some problematic files .bin and files .cue to an .iso files which can help you to burn it to a CD. ISOs are extremely easy to burn with most programs written records (just select a ISO CD copy when starting the procedure).