GAMING: News announced at E3 2017

The application was launched on October 1 and is available for Apple and Android devices. Android platform for mobile phones, the development team was conducted by Amber largest independent games studio.

Fox Digital Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox division that develops and manufactures applications and games developer with Little Labs, an independent game studio in Los Angeles worked together to bring the game The Martian screens of smartphones and SmartWatch sites. They appealed to Romanian studio Amber to implement and adapt the game on Android platform. Dedicated project team worked 2 months price to deliver the product now can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. A very entertaining game is Madden Mobile simulating a game of rugby online. How to play this game and especially how to defeat your opponents you will learn your game. Madden Mobile Hack will help to advance as quickly and required levels.vzxcvadvaefw

The game is a player, respecting the rules and in collaboration with his teammates, to get in-goal to ground the ball registering a try (essay).
A team consists of 15 players reigned two compartments:
1. Submission (or pile) consisting of 8 players spread over three lines
2. forehead lines (the backs) consist of 7 players

Rugby is played by passing (throwing) the ball backwards (to a teammate). Bird (throwing) the ball towards the opponent’s field, and the ball escape forwards are not allowed. In these cases will place a scrum mistake.

The only way to stop the opponent with the ball is to catch it (plate). Tackle run from the abdomen down with both arms by bringing the ball carrier to the ground. The player clad brought to ground must immediately release the ball. The player who loved placatul release. Failure of the above is charged with penalty kick against the guilty.

In general ground ball splits into two parts: his court and opponent’s court. The player who plays the ball in the opponent is out of play, offside and punished with penalty kick.

Marking points can be made by:
1. Attempt essay – lying down the ball in the opponents’ – 5 points.
2. Penalty – passing the ball through the bar after a kick (sitting or fallen) on the spot where the referee awarded a penalty kick, following a infractiuni.- 3 pt.
3. Drop goal – passing the ball through the bar after a drop kick – 3 pt.
4. Transformation after attempt – the ball passing through the bar after a kick (sitting or fallen) on the perpendicular place where marked an attempt – 2 points.

Key features of the game include choices interactive defining his chances Mark survival support The scientific courtesy of NASA that helps player to take the best decisions, a captivating story that follows the narrative of the film and the book and the ability to watch movie trailer and purchase movie tickets through the app.
Studio Amber was launched 2 years ago, the first client being represented by Disney Interactive. The studio started with a team of only three people, it has reached 170 people and is currently in an ongoing recruitment process.

In the first year, turnover reached one million euros, reaching $ 6 million today. Amber Studio’s business pillars are represented by QA departments, Deployment and Creation. Pillars of services, Deployment and QA represent Amber core business, but the studio is also investing in the creation department, representing a new focus of the studio, the aim being to develop their own projects in the near future.
The app is available for Apple and Android mobile devices, but also for Apple and Android Wear Watch, with special features and a level of interactivity built especially for them.
Between days 13 and 16 June, held the number 22 edition of the famous event Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 E3 abbreviated, hosted by Los Angeles Convention Center. Organized by the Entertainment Software Association, the E3 comprised the latest information about the international market electronic games, announced directly from manufacturers and developers involved in this industry.
Among the first press conference of E3 was the Japanese Square Enix, who presented a demo of about 17 minutes with the new episode of Deus Ex franchise, entitled Divided Mankind. On this occasion, I learned that Adam Jensen, the protagonist of the series, returns and mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, the game Deus Ex Go, described as a turn-based puzzle.
Among the first press conference of E3 was the Japanese Square Enix, who presented a demo of about 17 minutes with the new episode of Deus Ex franchise, entitled Divided Mankind. On this occasion, I learned that Adam Jensen, the protagonist of the series, returns and mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, the game Deus Ex Go, described as a turn-based puzzle.
Aroused great interest and Electronic Arts conference, the new shooter Battlefield 1 being in the spotlight. Those present at their booth, including hip-hop star Snoop Dogg could play some multiplayer modes of the title scheduled for October 21, 2016. From the trenches of WWI, EA took the battles Titanfall SF 2 will be also launched in October, announcing then Madden NFL 5:01 p.m. new game mode for FIFA 17. News from the camp Bethesda Americans were presented as trailers and were related games and dishonored Prey 2. it was also announced an updated version of the successful game Skyrim graphics and variants of Virtual Reality (VR) of the games Doom and Fallout 4.
A highlight of E3 2016 was the disclosure by giant Microsoft, two new versions of Xbox One. It Xbox One S and Project Scorpio, modified to allow both played in 4K resolution, and the use of VR devices. They were presented and numerous exclusives for Xbox and Windows, including Gears of War 4, Tekken 7 Halo Wars Dead Rising 2 and 4.

Ubisoft has entertained audience with movies and information first about Ghost Recon: Wildlands and For Honor, those present can play a demo of the title Watch Dogs 2. Ran and scenes from the movie Assassin’s Creed, inspired by the series of video games the same name. The film will premiere on December 21, 2016.

Pokemon go in smartphones world

Mobile phones have become a crucial product for most people because there are some handy mini-computers, which are getting smarter with each new generation. But some have a dilemma when it comes time of purchase and does not always choose the product according to their needs and budget.

The 3 essentials

If you want to open one or a Classically, then you have to make compromises in terms of quality-price ratio.

Top 10 smartphones – Software, hardware and design at its peak

– You need to know exactly what you want from your smartphone: You will help a lot if you have in mind what you expect to make a call. For example, if you want to have a lot of useful applications, then you can turn to an iPhone 5. But if you work in sales and you need functions such as creating tables or charts, then you would be more useful a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.


– Design matters: Because the phone is a personal object that are almost always in contact, then it must fit with your personal style and liking the looks.

What you have to consider when buying a smartphone

  1. Screen size

– High: 4.7 to 5.5 inches

Smartphones with large screens have many advantages such as high quality images and videos, but are more difficult to handle and use. Examples: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and LG Optimus G Pro.

– Average: 4-4.5 inches

Usually phones in this category offer a superior experience in terms of browsing, viewing photos, home movies and games, but there are practical. Examples: Motorola Droid Razr M and iPhone 5 from Apple.

– Small: under 4 inches


Although a declining segment, phones with small screens is still the choice of those who prefer portability above all. Example: BlackBerry Q10, which has a full QWERTY keyboard.

The 10 best touch screens of smartphones

  1. processor

Considered the “heart” of the phone, the processor determines its ability to execute certain commands, such as running applications.

A powerful processor has a major impact on device performance, so you have to consider certain parameters, the most important being expressed in GHz frequency. The more speed, the phone will function better.

In addition, the number of nuclei called core integrated in the English language can help to make you a better idea about CPU capacity. And here it’s the same principle: the more is more, the better. On the market there are phones with dual-core processors with two cores to eight cores octa-core.

Best Mobile quad-core 2012

  1. Camera

The quality of the camera of a smartphone depends on many variables. Although you might think that, as has more megapixels, the better is, things are not so.

Thus, you must be guided by other aspects such as the quality of the lens used. Even if the resolution is only 5MP, they can have a sensor more sensitive to light, which will increase picture quality, making it superior room with 8 MP.

In addition, some phones, like the HTC One and Nokia Lumia 925 have special technology to take photographs that offer superior performance.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Nokia Lumia 925 – What’s the coolest

  1. battery

In vain you have a phone that can do a lot of interesting things, if the batteries after several hours of operation.

Therefore, before you go shopping, you should inquire on the manufacturer’s website or the operator that autonomy is the battery stand-by, how many hours can operate your phone if you listen to music, watch movies or when you make calls .

In addition, another aspect to consider is that unlike older versions of smartphones and traditional phones, the latest mobile devices have removable battery, so it can not be replaced.

Go Pokemon craze hit game worldwide. Many players start the adventure without a tutorial to explain the meanings of symbols and rules of the game. Like her I did. I learned the game along the way and learned new things with the kilometers accumulated. Therefore, I have compiled a list of tips for the game Pokemon Go that I wanted to know from the beginning.

After you’ve chosen the perfect smartphone should go read the rules to know how to play this game.

Capturing Pokemon was raised to the rank of art by some players. To capture a Pokemon is often enough to take a poke-ball to him, but sometimes things are not so simple. Pokemon can escape or disappear when you catch them. Make sure the green circle around them is as small as possible, and if Pokemon is wild, offering them Razz Berry to make it easier to capture. A raspberry to get PokeStop sites or after you grow in level.

There is a method that can detect hidden very quickly called pokemon go location hack. With this you will be able to move throughout your planet sitting in bed relaxed.

Even if you already have some type of pokemon not avoid capture others of the same type. They bring you extra points that help you evolve pokemon and expand their HP software. For example, if you have 10 Pokemon Rattata keeps the one that has the highest horsepower and nine others transferred them to the teacher. Use candy received the transfer to him evolve the last Rattata in Raticate. The higher the site’s Rattata CP, the CP will be higher than the Pokemon evolved.